Emergency Department


Emergency Department Features

  • Specialty-trained first responders, doctors, nurses and trauma experts
  • East Central Iowa Acute Care Providers
  • Eight-bed emergency department
  • Private general treatment rooms
  • Trauma care room
  • Procedure room

Overnight Stays

If your emergency visit requires an overnight stay for observation, a private room in Acute Care is just down the hall. There, you’ll have direct access to your family physician from Medical Associates of Independence, the health care professional you trust most.

Services Provided

  • Full array of expanded digital imaging services
  • Complete in-house laboratory services
  • Short wait times
  • If needed, transfer to a larger facility is available via Area Ambulance or through the emergency helicopter service


Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Phone – Emergencies

Dial 911

Phone – Non-Emergencies


A Team of Medical Professionals

Here for you. Trusted for Life.