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August 25, 2015 bchc-news

Area Football Teams to Receive Concussion Management Program

The Wellness and Therapies Departments at BCHC recently partnered to offer a concussion management program to Buchanan County high school football teams.  A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury due to direct or indirect force applied to the head.

Due to the higher risk of a concussion occurring in football players, Director of Rehab, Brian Nolta saw the importance in offering this program of baseline testing to high school to participating area high schools.

“Baseline testing or testing prior to the occurrence of a concussion are essential in the best practice model.  Without baseline testing, we would not have the objective data to determine whether the individual has recovered from the concussion and is able to return to the sport,” explained Nolta.

During the initial analysis, BCHC personnel perform cognitive testing on the athlete, using a computerized cognitive assessment tool (CCAT).  The CCAT consists of four cognitive tasks which evaluate processing speed, attention, learning, and working memory.  Following cognitive testing, the athlete performs a balance assessment, utilizing a Biodex Balance System SD which measures the body’s control of balance.  The Biodex works by measuring the body’s sway as the individual stands on a force plate.

Currently, testing has been performed and recorded for the Independence and East Buchanan high school football teams.

For more information about the Wellness and Therapy Departments at BCHC, please visit www.bchealth.org or follow Buchanan County Health Center on Facebook.


Pictured: Director of Rehab, Brian Nolta, with East Buchanan football player collecting data from the Biodex Balance System SD

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