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September 12, 2019 bchc-news

BCHC Family Medicine Oelwein FAQ

Why is BCHC expanding into Oelwein?

BCHC is excited to expand its physical care into the community of Oelwein for a variety of reasons.

  • The clinic is in a convenient location to serve some areas of northern Buchanan County communities, like the communities of Hazelton and Aurora. Providing best patient access is important to us, and we feel that this location will provide more convenience and continued access to health care to our patients living in northern Buchanan County and southern Fayette County.
  • BCHC serves many Oelwein residents and the community has become an important market for us to allow for continued growth and sustainability of services offered. A great patient base size is also a key to our long-term viability, and we are fortunate to have this in Buchanan County and surrounding areas, such as Oelwein.
  • BCHC has had a great relationship with the UnityPoint Clinic in the Oelwein community, so the partnership made a lot of sense for both organizations.

What is BCHC’s relationship with the Oelwein Community Healthcare Foundation?

The only relationship is that of landlord/lessee.  OCHF will continue to own the facility and BCHC will lease it form them.  This is a separate business and not a continuation of the former business that was HealthFirst Medical Park.  OCHF does not have any decision making authority regarding the businesses that will operate in that space.

What is BCHC’s relationship with UnityPoint Health and how will roles differ?

This clinic will be owned and managed by BCHC.  The bulk of the clinic staff and providers will be transitioning from UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine – Oelwein to the new entity.  UnityPoint Health will be providing the electronic medical record as well as providing consulting and guidance on best practice and workflows from their expertise in managing hundreds of clinics across the state.  More broadly, BCHC partners with UnityPoint Health as an affiliate and participates in all of their population health initiatives.  BCHC works with UnityPoint Health to manage a few departments and generally receives consultation on a variety of fronts, however BCHC remains locally owned and managed.

What services will be offered at this clinic?

BCHC Family Medicine – Oelwein will offer family medicine services for routine exams, health concerns, minor illnesses and injuries, and disease management.  In addition, BCHC Family Medicine – Oelwein will offer lab and radiology services including x-ray, bone density screening, and 3D mammography.  Specialty clinics will visit the medical building and Oelwein Family Pharmacy will occupy retail space.  Oelwein Family Pharmacy will continue to operate their location in downtown Oelwein.

Who will be the providers and staff at this new clinic?

BCHC Family Medicine – Oelwein will have six providers.  Four of the providers; Sara Berns, PA-C, Trisha Kress, ARNP,  Lindy Tommasin, ARNP,  and Christy Weber, ARNP come to BCHC Family Medicine – Oelwein from UnityPoint Clinic – Family Medicine Oelwein.  Two of the providers; Kyla Frost, ARNP and Jill Dierks, ARNP come to BCHC Family Medicine – Oelwein from the former HealthFirst Medical Park business.  Staff from UnityPoint Clinic – Oelwein and several former staff members from HealthFirst Medical Park will work in this new clinic.

Do current patients of the UnityPoint Clinic need to transfer their records?  Can new patients schedule appointments?

Current patients of UnityPoint Clinic – Family Medicine Oelwein will not need to transfer their records to the new BCHC clinic.  Former patients of HealthFirst and all other interested patients may transfer their records at any time by calling the clinic at 319-283-2651.  All providers are currently accepting new patients.

What insurances will be accepted at this clinic?

Most all insurance will be accepted at this clinic.  Very few will not.  If you have questions regarding your insurance eligibility at BCHC, please call the Business Office at 319-332-0999.


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