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December 22, 2015 bchc-news

BCHC Pharmacy to Dispense Medication to Outpatient Observation Patients beginning January 1st

Beginning January 1st of 2016, all patients admitted to Outpatient Observation at Buchanan County Health Center (BCHC), will no longer be allowed to use their medications from home in order to ensure the safety of the admitted patient.  BCHC staff will continue to encourage patients to bring in their medications bottles so an accurate medication list can be completed.  Following this, BCHC asks that these medications be returned home.

As an Outpatient Observation patient, Medicare Part B coverage will not pay for what are called “self-administered” medications, including, but not limited to tablets, creams, inhalers, insulin, and eye drops.  This also applies to patients seen in other out-patient settings including Emergency Room and Out-Patient Surgery.  Under limited circumstances, patients admitted to Outpatient Observation may use their own medication(s) if it is an unusual medication that is not available through the BCHC Pharmacy.

Outpatient Observation patients will receive a statement from BCHC for any medications supplied by the pharmacy that Medicare considers to be self-administered during their hospital visit.  This statement will also include any other deductibles and coinsurance required by a Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan.

If the patient is enrolled in a Medicare drug plan (Medicare Part D), the patient may submit a claim form to their Medicare drug plan to see if the administered drug(s) during their stay is covered by the Medicare drug plan.  Patients who are of inpatient status will continue to have medications covered by their Medicare drug plans. For further clarification, please visit Medicare.gov and search for “How Medicare Covers Self-Administered Drugs in Hospital Outpatient Settings”.

To receive assistance filling out a claim form, please contact the Business Office at BCHC by calling 319-332-0999.  For information on how to appeal any decision made by your Medicare drug plan, please check your plan’s enrollment materials or call 1-800-MEDICARE.

For all other information regarding services offered by BCHC, please visit www.bchealth.org, follow Buchanan County Health Center on Facebook, or contact BCHC by calling 319-332-0999.

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