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February 20, 2014 bchc-news

Fast Track to Better Health Program

Deb Chudzinski, of Independence, is one of nine participants who recently completed the Fast Track to Better Health Program at the Buchanan County Health Center.

During the 6 to 10 week medically-based fitness program, Chudzinski lost weight and inches, and increased her strength. She was not alone. On average, participants in Fast Track to Better Health lost “almost 10 pounds and 10 inches in six weeks, during the tempting holiday season,” according to Wellness Director Stacy McMahon. “Others also reduced their need for prescription medications.”

Fast Track to Better Health, available only with a referral from a physician, pairs participants with a personal trainer twice a week for six weeks. In addition to working out, trainers offer healthy tips and nutritional assistance to keep participants on track.

“My trainer, Jacki Schares, is fabulous,” Chudzinski said. “She pushes me when, on my own, I might give up.  And, when I hear her saying, ‘OK, One more lift. One more time. You can do it!’ Somehow, I do always find a way to finish that ‘One more time.’  Jacki is great.”

“One of the goals of the program is to help participants find out how being active fits into their lives,” McMahon added. “As Wellness Director, people will ask me, ‘What is the best exercise to do?’ The answer to that question is: whatever exercise you WILL do and stick with.  During Fast Track, participants can try a variety of work out options – weight machines, treadmills, lap swimming or yoga class – to find the activity that is the best fit for them.”

After completing the program, all nine of Fast Track to Better Health participants continued to use the health and fitness tools they learned to work toward their personal health goals.

Chudzinski, for example, continues to work out with a trainer once a week, and visit the gym, one more time per week. She also exercises in the pool several times per week.

“I am sixty-four years old,” said Chudzinski. “And, if I can get great results, I think everyone can.  If your goal is better health, try it. It is worth every penny.”

Those interested should plan to attend a FREE Fast Track to Better Health Group Kick-Off Session. Call 332-0850 for upcoming dates and times. A wellness specialist can also help you work through the physician referral process.

The FREE Group Kick-Off Session includes:

  • Viewing of motivational 23 1/2 hours video.
  • Description of the Fast Track program goals and process.
  • An overview of chronic disease management with a certified diabetes educator.
  • Outline of basic nutrition principles with a registered dietitian.
  • Summary of the benefits of physical activity with a wellness specialist.


Following the Kick-Off Session, participants will schedule a one-on-one consultation with the Wellness Specialist. During this visit, participants will:

  • Tour the facility.
  • Receive a personal assessment: Health History/ Liability Waivers, Body measurements, height, weight, body composition and blood pressure.
  • Set personal goals.
  • Discuss your support system and readiness to change.
  • Sign the Commitment Pledge.

More information, call 332-0850 or contact your physician today!

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