When it comes to surgeries, expert care is right here for you. Our health center’s team of experienced professionals use the latest in surgical technology, treatments, and advancements- all in our updated state-of-the-art surgical facilities. BCHC provides the highest in quality care from compassionate caregivers so you can recover conveniently close to home.

How to Prepare for Surgery

  1. When considering surgery, ask your provider to explain how you would benefit from a surgery or procedure. Ask your provider what the surgery includes and what your general health should be prior to surgery. Discuss all medications you are taking. Prior to surgery, your provider may ask you to put on hold some medications. Ask your provider about resuming these medications following surgery.
  2. Your primary care provider may refer you to a surgeon or other specialist who can complete your surgery. Discuss all medications you are taking. Prior to surgery, your surgeon may ask you to stop taking some medications. Ask your surgeon about resuming these medications following surgery.
  3. Your provider will schedule a pre-operation appointment at the hospital. At this orientation, you will complete a medical history, which includes a complete listing of all prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that you are taking. A thorough and accurate medical history helps us provide the safest care for you.
  4. Prior to orientation, contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage details and pre-certification. If you have questions about your surgical costs, contact the Billing Department at 319-332-0999.
  5. Make transportation arrangements to and from the hospital on the day of your surgery. You may also need someone to stay with you when you return home.
  6. We want to make your surgery experience a positive one. If you have any questions or concerns about your surgery or preparation, call the Surgery Department at 319-332-0999, ext. 1632.
  7. Watch our preoperative instructional video to learn more about what to expect before, during, and after your surgery at BCHC – CLICK HERE

On the Day of Surgery

  1. Follow all instructions on the Surgical Information Sheet provided.
  2. Follow all instructions your provider gave for taking medications prior to surgery.
  3. Follow all instructions regarding food and drink. This is very important. Failure to follow these instructions may cause your surgery to be cancelled.
  4. Leave your jewelry at home. Wear glasses rather than contacts and bring along your glasses case.
  5. Bathe and dress in loose comfortable clothes. Do not wear make-up or nail polish.
  6. Bring insurance or Medicare card and any form previously provided. Plan on arriving at the hospital one to two hours before your scheduled surgery time unless otherwise directed.

Meet your Surgical Care Team

From pre-op to surgery, from post-op through recovery, our skilled surgery professionals will provide you with exceptional care. The surgery team includes: