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June 20, 2014 bchc-news

Wapsi Warrior Challenge

You will get dirty, you might trash your shoes, and you may be exposed to scratchy stuff!

Have you ever wanted to participate in a reality television show like Survivor, Real World/Road Rules Challenge or The Amazing Race but didn’t want to eat exotic insects or the entrails of some animal?  If the answer is YES or even MAYBE, then mark your calendar for July 3 to participate in the 3nd Annual Wapsi Warrior Challenge, presented by the Buchanan County Health Center.

The Wapsi Warrior Challenge is a fitness challenge event that will face teams of two against others in a fitness challenge that includes speed, strength, agility, and skill (and luck!). You will attempt a variety of fitness challenges including a one mile run.

In the past challenges have also included tests such as: thaw out frozen shirts, dig through sand to find exact change and drag a truck tire while team mates legs were tied to each other.  Challenges must completed before moving to the next.

Each team must have two members. Teams may be two males, two females or CoEd. Age divisions are: “A” age 14-18, “B” age 19-34 and “C” age 35 and over.

Check in will be at the Riverwalk Parks west of the sand volley ball courts. Some activities will require you to leave the park area.  Entry fee is $20 per person.   Event officials will have the authority to add a time penalty to any team if the rules are broken … so don’t break the rules! The event will start at 6 PM.

Call the Wellness Center at Buchanan County Health Center at 319-332-0850 for more information.

You may submit your Registration Form (with check included) and Wavier Form to the Wellness Center at BCHC or mail to:

Buchanan County Health Center
Attention: Welllness
1600 1st St. East
Independence, IA 50644

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